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Journey from Pain to Wellbeing

pain to wellbeing journey start

I’m handing over the reigns of this article to a client who has an inspiring story to share. Physio has always helped with her niggles. However, a while later she would inevitably need to come in again. During the lockdown of 2020, I suggested a different path to overcome her aches and pains. The suggestion: …

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Understanding pain

pain individual

In order to help you better understand pain, the following article provides a story with highlights, a video on understanding pain and a transcript of the video. I trust these will help make it clear. Highlights:   Video:   Transcript: Let me start by saying that in order to understand pain, we need to know …

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6 Postures you had no clue were hurting your neck

neck pain main pic

You’ve had loads of treatment, done your exercises and yet your neck pain is just not getting any better. If bad habits haven’t been identified and you are still regularly putting pressure on your neck, it’s just not going to get better. Basically, it is like picking at a scab, over and over and expecting …

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A Physiotherapist’s Truth Bombs

Physiotherapist truth

I have literally treated hundreds of bodies with a multitude of conditions over the years of being a Physiotherapist in Umhlanga. A few basic truths/rules/advice seems to pop up for every person and I’m going to share these with you. They have great value and could certainly help you prevent experiencing pain or at the …

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Dry needling and acupuncture – A physio’s perspective

dry needling needle in calf

How many times have I heard this … “Needles?! Not today…. Let’s do it another time when I’ve prepared myself” In practice, I have discovered that about 20% of patients have some kind of reticence or phobia around the concept of needles. For some, it may be a childhood memory of that dreaded vaccination in …

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How to change the way you think about exercise

Think exercise thought bubble

If you have ever experienced any muscular or joint pain, you’ve become aware of your body’s warning system. It is like a red flashing light on the dashboard of your car, warning you that there is a problem. You can simply ignore the warning signal and continue or you can take note of the warning …

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