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Pain relief whilst standing

standing pain

Have you ever stood in that bank queue, patiently waiting when that deep backache or knee pain starts?  It isn’t an uncommon story. Why do so many people experience pain whilst standing? We should all know how to stand without harming ourselves, right?   We have lost the art of body awareness. The simple functions …

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Better breathing today


Has it ever occurred to you that you may be breathing inefficiently? I doubt you are even aware of your breathing, unless you have experienced breathing distress such as an asthma attack or pneumonia or had abdominal surgery. However, it is not uncommon for many people suffering from neck, upper back or shoulder pain to …

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Prevention is better than Cure

prevention testing

Last month we looked at a very simplistic test that can be used to indicate your longevity and a few exercises to improve the outcome of this test. But what about all the other indicators and tests that help us detect health conditions before they become a problem? Are they also important to check? And …

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Simple challenge to a longer, healthier life

Longer healthier life

The search for the ever-evasive Fountain of Youth has been the story line of a few B-grade movies and the driver behind countless crazy inventions. Yet the answer to a long  life or longevity has been staring us in the face and asking us to “pick-me” for countless years. The secret to longevity is found …

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Back to Basics – Protecting the Spine

basic back

I am always on the lookout for effective strategies to help my patients overcome back pain. In the last 5 years, more and more research is showing that exercise and education and not stretches or passive treatments are the long-term answer. Don’t misunderstand, I have not stopped believing that there is value in placing my …

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Do you have Shoulder Pain? 6 things you should know

shoulder pain training

Shoulder pain can be extremely debilitating. Think about instances where you don’t use your arms. Not that many, right? Shoulder pain is a common complaint frequently related to overuse or overload. Terms you may have heard are frozen shoulder, impingement, rotator cuff syndrome, biceps or suprapinatus tendinopathy and even instability. Some terms are outdated but …

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2020 Vision – Lessons learnt in 2019

lessons move 3

I’d like to start the new decade by sharing 9 lessons I learned (both personal wellness and physio related) over the last year with the hope that it will also help you in 2020.   1. Movement counters poor posture 100% of the time. It is not the position you sit in that causes the …

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