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The split personality of arthritis

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Arthritis, dear readers is a common term, thrown around without regard for its true nature. The word instills fear in many a heart and for many more, it is the bane of their existence. Let us delve into the the perplexing world of its two faces – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.   Now, osteoarthritis and …

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Role of Physio in Mental Wellbeing

mental wellbeing support

When it comes to physiotherapy, most people associate it with the journey of healing from an injury or helping to manage long term pain. As with many aspects of health, there is a major shift from compartmentalising or seeing a person as one dimensional. Human beings are multifaceted and supporting all aspects is not only …

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Good Health starts Here

good health feet

In the past, the medical world followed the biomedical model to help treat patients and the ailments they complained about. The theory meant that healthcare professionals (HCP) only looked for physical reasons for disease/symptoms. And if you got rid of that physical cause, you would be better. It also meant patients didn’t have any control …

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Shoulder instability: dislocations and subluxations

shoulder instability x-ray

What is shoulder instability? This is when there is too much movement between the 2 main bones that make up the shoulder joint (humeral head and glenoid). This may be experienced as painful or as apprehension of the movement potentially being too much to tolerate.   Dislocation is when the joint is completely displaced and …

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The Stiff Shoulder, is it Frozen?

Frozen shoulder girl

A stiff shoulder is when there is loss of the full range of movement of the shoulder. Both controlled movement (active) as well as uncontrolled movement (passively moved by an external force) are limited.   Main diagnosis of a stiff shoulder: Frozen shoulder Glenohumeral Joint Osteo Arthritis (generally older >50 and gradual progression of pain …

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The Infamous Rotator Cuff, non-traumatic Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain anatomy

Did you know that 1 in every 50 adults seeks medical care for a new shoulder pain every year? (1) Shoulder pain is quite a common complaint, with 50% of the population having an episode annually. (2)   Shoulder pain can be very debilitating (more than a knee or back pain) because it forms such …

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Shoulder Troubles

shoulder trouble 3d

This is the first part of an in depth look at the shoulder, why we need it and how to fix it. We will look at the painful shoulder, the stiff shoulder and the unstable (hyper-mobile) shoulder. If you struggle with neck pain or upper back pain, don’t underestimate the contribution of shoulder strength/function to …

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Journey from Pain to Wellbeing

pain to wellbeing journey start

I’m handing over the reigns of this article to a client who has an inspiring story to share. Physio has always helped with her niggles. However, a while later she would inevitably need to come in again. During the lockdown of 2020, I suggested a different path to overcome her aches and pains. The suggestion: …

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