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Simple challenge to a longer, healthier life

Longer healthier life

The search for the ever-evasive Fountain of Youth has been the story line of a few B-grade movies and the driver behind countless crazy inventions. Yet the answer to a long  life or longevity has been staring us in the face and asking us to “pick-me” for countless years. The secret to longevity is found …

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5 Ways to Combat Sitting Stiffness and Pain

sitting pain image

Experiencing back/buttock pain or stiffness whilst sitting? Or are you getting pain when you change from sitting to standing? Have you wondered what it is and why you’re getting it? Someone recently mentioned that considering the amount of people that complain of lower back pain whilst sitting, there must be something wrong with the design …

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Say Goodbye to Correct Posture

Correct posture goodbye

Is my posture correct? The short answer is…….. if you’re not in any discomfort, it probably is. The word is out and new research shows that there is no single correct posture. So we can relax a bit on attaining this hard to achieve perfection. Then what is poor posture? A ‘poor’ posture could be …

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A Physiotherapist’s Truth Bombs

Physiotherapist truth

I have literally treated hundreds of bodies with a multitude of conditions over the years of being a Physiotherapist in Umhlanga. A few basic truths/rules/advice seems to pop up for every person and I’m going to share these with you. They have great value and could certainly help you prevent experiencing pain or at the …

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FAQ: What is the Best Sitting Position?

best sitting positions lego

As with many medical questions, there is no consensus on what the best sitting position is. There is more consensus that sitting commonly exacerbates and perpetuates low back pain. Poor sitting posture has also been implicated in the development and perpetuation of neck pain symptoms. It makes sense that somebody who is 6 foot 5inches …

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ABC of Acute Back Pain

acute back pain thorns

I recently injured my lower back. It happened in typical fashion, not whilst doing the heavy activity (in my case a harder mountain biking session than usual) but rather during a rest break as I was throwing an empty wrapper into a bin. I got stuck and every slight movement resulted in sharp pain.   …

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