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At CDL Physio, we help children:

•    Develop good motor skills
•    Improve postural control
•    Release learning potential
•    Get strong and active

To achieve this, we offer the following programs:

• 1-on-1 physiotherapy for motor/postural control development (4 years and up)

• Treatment of sports injuries in children

Is your 4-12 year old struggling with:

•    Clumsiness
•    Inability to hop or jump
•    Poor pencil grip
•    Incoordination
•    Limited concentration
•    Poor postural control (cannot sit for > 15mins)
•    Tiring easily
•    Floppy, overly ‘bendy’

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then your child will benefit from 1 on 1 physiotherapy.


Exercise is just plain good for your child

A child should aim at getting 1 hour of exercise that increases their heart rate daily because:

• Exercise results in better learning and concentration

• Exercise improves heart function and fitness

• Exercise can strengthen bones, muscles and connective tissue

• Specific strength and conditioning exercise can help prevent sport-related injuries and pain.