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Journey from Pain to Wellbeing

pain to wellbeing journey start

I’m handing over the reigns of this article to a client who has an inspiring story to share. Physio has always helped with her niggles. However, a while later she would inevitably need to come in again. During the lockdown of 2020, I suggested a different path to overcome her aches and pains. The suggestion: …

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Better Running – A patient’s story

I’ve always been the sports active one in the family – running, cycling, golf, strength training and now also stand up paddling. My sister has always been the “culture vulture”. Debating and ballet have been her natural go-to over conventional sports such as running. So it has been with intense fascination that I have watched …

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6 things I wish I knew when I started running

started running silhouette

  This month I’m introducing you to a guest blogger, Sarah, AKA The T-Rex Running Physio. Her honest and useful insight into all things running related is fresh and welcome. She combines sound medical knowledge, running experience and off beat real stories to teach the non-runner to run and the runner to improve. I hope …

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FAQ What is the difference between physio and chiro?

difference between physio and chiro scales

This is a guest blog by Alex Bar, a health coordinator from Backs in Action, a centre in North America with both physios and chiros. He is also an aspiring health writer and host to a wellness website called Tips4Wellness. We asked Alex to write the answer to this FAQ in order to get an unbiased response, …

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Hypermobility – The truth about being too flexible

Hypermobility stretching too much

This month we have a guest blog about hypermobility. It is a topic that I am passionate about because, being hypermobile, I understand the implications of being too flexible. The guest blog is by a colleague, Philippa Brebner, who has a special interest in ballet. Many ballet dancers have to be overly flexible in order …

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