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6 Postures you had no clue were hurting your neck

You’ve had loads of treatment, done your exercises and yet your neck pain is just not getting any better. If bad habits haven’t been identified and you are still regularly putting pressure on your neck, it’s just not going to get better. Basically, it is like picking at a scab, over and over and expecting it to heal.

The worst position for your neck is keeping it bent for an extended period of time. This puts pressure on all the joints, muscles and the spinal cord. In fact, if you simultaneously bend your neck, flex the lower back and lift the legs, you’re basically putting your major nerves and spinal cord on a stretch. Hold that for a while and the headaches will likely start too.

Let’s avoid this kind of pressure. Here are the 6 postures I often find my patients adopting without realising that they are contributing to their neck pain and headaches.

1. Reading in bed

Do you read in bed? For how long? What position are you in whilst reading in bed? The position you choose can definitely contribute to adding or reducing neck pain.

neck pain bed poor
neck pain bed good

2. Looking down at your cellphone

Do you hold your cellphone directly in front of your eyes or do you hold it down close to your belly? The more you flex the neck and maintain the position, the angrier the tissues in your neck will become and begin to get tight. And let’s face it, Instagram and Facebook are like black holes that pull us in for hours. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you are only holding that ghastly position for a short while.

neck pain cellphone poor
neck pain cellphone right

3. Looking at you feet whilst walking

Good for you, you’re walking every day, getting the blood pumping and some sunshine on the skin. It releases endorphins, yet your neck continues to scream in pain. Are you looking at your feet while you are walking? If you can see your feet, your neck is under strain. Rather look ahead and see what and who is coming. Your neck will thank you.

In last month’s blog, there was a link to a video on walking with intention and upright instead of looking down. The same principles apply here, so take a look at the video again by clicking HERE.

4. Typing on your laptop

Laptops were never designed for long periods of work, yet nowadays, very few people have anything but a laptop. The dilemma with a laptop is that if the keyboard is in the right place, the screen is in the wrong place and vice versa. Even worse is if you are like me and can’t touch-type. Now you look down constantly to see the letters and the the screen. Neck pain is almost a guarantee.

neck pain laptop

Click HERE and check out a video on the laptop dilemma and one tip on how to improve it.

5. Sitting on the couch, legs up and watching tv.

This is a no brainer, the spine is in a c-curve, the neck follows into a flex to complete the c, add the legs and now the spinal cord is also on stretch. An activity that is supposed to help you relax and unwind, suddenly becomes unbearable because of neck pain and headaches.

neck pain tv poor
neck pain tv good

6. Sit-ups

But they’re supposed to be good for me, core and all that. Sit-ups create tremendous amounts of strain on the neck especially when the neck muscles aren’t strong. Repeat that a few times and your gym session becomes a self-torture session.

neck pain situp position 2
neck pain situp position 3
neck pain situp position 1

Disclaimer: Although this advice and information is based on sound knowledge it is still followed at your own risk. I cannot take any responsibility for injuries or health conditions that may arise as a result of my advice. Videos and advice are generalised and cannot replace the individualised advice provided after a medical assessment by your local healthcare professional.

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