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Lauren Poxon

Lauren Poxon Physiotherapist

Lauren joined the CDL Physio team in 2017 to serve Umhlanga as a physiotherapist, after moving to Durban from Johannesburg.

She has been practicing physiotherapy for more than 15 years and is has a keen interest in techniques of myofascial therapy and treatment of sports injuries.

After her qualification from the University of Pretoria in 2003, Lauren completed her community service year at Ngwelezane Hospital in Zululand. Thereafter, she worked in the UK for 2 years gaining experience in various fields of physiotherapy and travelling somewhat.

On her return to South Africa in 2007, she completed her post graduate qualification in OMT while working in private physiotherapy practice. For the layman this means she is highly skilled in manual physiotherapy and can help with many joint complaints like lower spine pain, knee or shoulder pain.

Lauren has kept herself educated over the years, attending many courses in advanced treatment such as dry needling and understanding fascial connections. Her approach is to look at the patient overall and not just focus on the symptoms. Clinically she has seen the connections of certain biomechanical abnomalities and fascial tightness to many conditions so she addresses the person with a rehabilitative approach to restore good movement.

Her treatments are therefore largely a combination of hands on treatment of the joints and soft tissues; as well as exercises and advice. An understanding of the site, type, stage and anticipated progression of one’s condition can go a long way in managing it effectively.

If you are needing a physiotherapist in the Umhlanga region, then you are in luck.