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Jason Hiemstra

Jason Hiemstra

Hi, I’m Jason, and I’ve got your back.
Or neck. Maybe a knee. Either way, I’m a physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience, and I will be covering the late shift for the CDL Physio team at HG Physio Gateway.

My wife, son, and I recently moved back to Durban after spending approximately six years in Richards Bay.
Like you, our current hobbies involve copious amounts of hand sanitising, mask wearing, and remaining socially distant.

What I enjoy about my job is the challenge. Everyone is different, they have different goals, and different expectations. My personal belief is that the best outcomes happen when patients have a clear understanding as to what is happening to them, and when we align their expectations to this understanding.
I have a keen interest in back and neck pain, as well as sports injuries. These interests have been fueled by the mentors which I have had as well as the settings in which I have worked.

Besides work, I love to be out on the road running or trying to get vegetables to grow in my garden. (And spending time with my family of course).