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Michelle Van Dyk

Michelle Van Dyk

My name is Michelle van Dyk and I may be young but I am a passionate and caring physiotherapist that gives every patient my best.

I studied a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Pretoria between 2015 and 2018. Prior to physiotherapy I studied two years in BSc Human physiology, genetics and psychology (2013 and 2014). I completed my community service year in 2019 at General Justice Gezinga Mpanza Regional hospital in Stanger, KZN. Thereafter I joined HG Physio on a locum basis, seeing patients mainly for orthopaedic rehabilitation eg. knee and hip replacements and some ICU patients suffering from respiratory conditions and/or have had procedures such as abdominal and cardiac surgery.

Initially when I applied to study physiotherapy my head and heart was set on becoming a physio specialising in sport. However, that all changed in my final year, final 6 weeks, when I was introduced to spinal cord and neurological rehabilitation. I immediately fell in love.

I want to change lives. That’s my goal.

If I could make a difference in only a few people’s lives over the course of my physiotherapy career, I feel I would have achieved what God has put me on this earth for, caring for and helping people through my career as a physiotherapist. I often tell my friends that it's only a few people that are lucky enough to make their passion their work, and I am one of them. I am lucky enough to live out my passion as my day-to-day job

Some interesting facts that everyone has to know about me:

My absolute first love is Bulldogs. If I could steal every single one on earth I would!

As a child going into my early 20’s I participated in Rhythmic gymnastics and Ballet. I have an absolute passion for dancing and gymnastics and dedicated my entire sports career of 15 years to it.

I enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping and would do anything just to swim in a waterfall if I come across one.