Suite 401, Gateway Hospital Medical Centre, 36 Aurora Drive, Umhlanga Ridge 031 566 5959

Candice Langford

Candice Langford Umhlanga Physiotherapist

Candice completed her physiotherapy degree at the University of Cape Town’s medical campus at Groote Schuur Hospital. Having grown up in Durban, she decided to leave the mother city for good old Durban. After completing her Community Service at Stanger Hospital, Candice then moved into private at Saint Augustines Hospital, where she focussed on ICU, Neurosurgery and Orthopedics.

She now spends her time in out-patient based physiotherapy in Umhlanga, where she incorporates her passion for movement, exercise and a healthy lifestyle into treating musculoskeletal patients. Candice has an invested interest in Pelvic Health and Women’s Health physiotherapy, an exciting and growing field of Physio.

Facebook and Instagram savvy

You may have come across her Facebook page "Umhlanga Physio for Women' or Instagram page “Nurture Your Vagina" where she addresses taboo topics about pelvic health and aims to educate women (and men) about the norms of pelvic heath (pee, poo & pleasure) as well as the conservative management that pelvic physio’s, such as herself, offer.

Candice also headed up ‘Wonderful Women’ Events, a morning of education and empowerment hosted by professionals with a focus on improving healthy lifestyles, self awareness and self love.

You may not have known

Candice has two degrees! With a love for the ocean, she initially completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology and Ecology at UCT! During which she was drawn to human biology, physiology and exercise, which then resulted in her moving toward qualifying as a Physiotherapist!

Outside of Physiotherapy you will most likely find Candice on her mountain bike, strolling the promenade, doing yoga on the beach or escaping for a little game viewing in the bush.