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Although a few things have changed. These are to ensure your safety, our safety and compliance with government regulations during lockdown.

Booking an appointment

  • You can still book via WhatsApp or call in to make an appointment.
  • A physio or admin staff member will screen you telephonically for signs and symptoms of CoVid-19 prior to confirming an appointment. If anything changes between the screening and the appointment, please cancel or reschedule and book to see your GP.
  • If you are part of the "At Risk" population or want to minimise contact, we still offer Telehealth sessions via a safe online platform. We highly recommend this option during this pandemic or a mixture of contact and Telehealth sessions.

Coming to the practice:

  • Your confirmation email serves as a travel permit (in case you are stopped).
  • All patients will be screened upon entry to the practice. Please leave enough time before your appointment for this
  • Please wear a mask to your appointment and keep it on at all times.
  • To ensure social distancing between patients in reception: We have staggered treatment times, ask you to come on your own and as close to the appointment time as possible.
  • At our rooms, sanitise before you enter, sign the register, sign declaration of health and complete CoVid-19 symptom questionnaire. We will take your temperature for you.
  • We provide you with all forms but you are welcome to download, print and complete the following to save time.

Download CoVid-19 Questionnaire

Download Health Declaration Form

  • Physios and admin staff are also screened daily.
  • Your physio will wear a mask during treatment, all surfaces will be cleaned with medical steriliser between and during treatments.
  • Towels are changed for every patient but if you prefer your own, please bring with
  • For your safety no shorts, gowns, blankets, pillows or linen will be provided.
  • For comfort please bring your own pillow, blanket and shorts if you feel you will need these in the session
  • All surfaces in the reception area are regularly disinfected.
  • Where possible, for your safety use our Zapper facility to minimise touching surfaces.

We are providing a protected and controlled environment where all precautions are adhered to making it safe to come to contact physio sessions, however, please note that there is always a small risk of infection if you leave your home during this time.

Experiencing a Telehealth session:

  • Either Doxy, WhatsApp Video call, Skype, Google Hangouts or Cisco WebEx will/can be used. Whatever you are most comfortable with.
  • You will need to sign a consent to Telehealth prior to commencement of the session, this will be sent to you via email or WhatsApp.
  • We will first do a subjective assessment to understand your pain/injury and get medical details.
  • We will then do some physical tests where we observe movement or posture.
  • You may want to prepare a space in advance and check where to place your phone/laptop to best be viewed by your physio whilst standing for observation of movements and lying to do exercises.
  • We then diagnose and if we feel we need a contact session to confirm or treat at this stage we will let you know. We will also decide here if we need further investigation or need to refer to a doctor.
  • For treatment we will advise, teach you about the condition and how to manage it. Some self-treatment techniques can be taught. Lifestyle modification, exercise prescription, demonstration, observe you doing them and correct where needed. We will coach you through the process of helping heal yourself.
  • Telehealth is just as beneficial as contact physio for certain conditions and specific phases of the healing process. It is an especially safe option for those at risk patients during this time.